39th slalom Saanen 2014

It was a very long day! All categories, LOC, REG and NAT had to run at the same day.

The weather was nice but not too hot! But some slicks would have helped me to do better... I finished 3rd in the +3000 cm3 LOC4 and only 30th on 108 participants in the scratch.

It was finally not a good day! I didn't drive as good as I wanted and the all day long I got a strange feeling concerning my car...

My feeling didn't lie to me! At the very end of the 2nd run, some banging took place just after I could read my best time of the day...

The engine was not running properly anymore! Loss of compression within one of the cylinder. A piston was broken! It 's now time to build a new engine...

This will unfortunately end up my 2014 season! Stay tuned to follow me.

18th slalom Interlaken 2014

Running in the wet. What a joy! I could take big benefit of the 4WD.

Not very crowd, but it was a nice run. I could finally finish 1st in the class +2000 cm3, category LOC4. I got the 14th place on 87 overall.

The car was running well and thanks to the setup update (stabilizer mainly) I got not lifting any more in the sharp turns. This gave me very good traction.

49th slalom Bière 2014

First slalom of the 2014 season. I was really excited! Sunny day and it was quite crowed. The public could appreciate the different categories which had to evolve one after the other.  Unfortunately for us, it had to wait a lot between each session.

I could finally finish 1st in my class (+3000 cm3, LOC4) and I got the 20th place on 160 overall. Very happy. But still a lot of work to do on the setup of the car. Some understeer is still present and the stabilizer at the rear being too strong is lifting the wheel in each sharp turn! Not ideal with a 4WD setup.

Hockenheimring 2014

The course took place from 10. to  11. of march 2014 in Hockenheim.

Training and evaluation to get the racing license was organized on the Hockenheimring.

Two wonderful and sunny days wiht nice temperature. I got so much joy to drive on the ring... I could have driven all day long. Only the fuel stopped me!

Slalom Bas-Monsieur 2011

Yes... this was my vey first slalom. A very very short one but very exciting! It was a sunny day but it was quite cold (7° degrees) in the morning and it was quite challenging to warm up the tires. So imagine how difficult it was for the guys having slicks!

I could finally finish 3rd in my class (+3000 cm3, LOC2). Very happy for my very first race event!