Build 2015 (Part 1) - KW coilovers installed

The year 2015 begins well! Indeed, the new coilovers from KW (Clubsport 3-way) have just been installed. It looks awesome! Everything will be set up during march... looking forward! Stay tuned...

Build 2014 (Part 5) - First try after engine installation

Finally! The engine is working perfectly with the new Closed Deck bloc. I could finally put my but in the driver seat of my car... Note that for the moment all other pieces such as the turbo, headers and intercooler have been kept. But we now have a very good and solid base for future upgrades!

For safety reasons during racing, Reto from Wyrsch Motorsport took some time to arrange the batteries cables, relocate the unit used to control the front windows and all the sharp edges have been covered.

Some new brake discs from DBA have also been installed. We still have to install the brake ducts used to keep the temperature in a good range.

After having great fun with the car it was time to plan future work again. We will install some a new of coilovers, KW Clubsport 3-way with adjustable damping, where low and high speed compressions can be adjusted. The quality of KW Suspensions is simply excellent!

Build 2014 (Part 4) - Engine ready to be mounted

Most of it! The engine is now assembled and ready to be mounted in the engine bay. I can not wait anymore to hear the sound of this proud boxer... Notice the new clutch from Exedy (the flywheel has also been upgraded). Stay tuned for more.

Build 2014 (Part 3) - Assembly of short bloc and cylinder heads

The boxer engine is taking form... Closed short bloc and cylinder heads are put together. Have a closer look... You will see "Cosworth" written on the head gasket! This bloc is done from robust Cosworth pistons and connecting rods, STI crankshafts and original reworked cylinder heads. The camshafts are original as well.

Build 2014 (Part 2) - Cylinder heads

Cylinder heads are now machined and ready to be mounted. Stay tuned for more details.